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In Kichijoji, where numerous Classical Jazz and various Anime works have been created, many event over the four seasons are held, based on that artistic creative nature. There are many event, which the whole family can enjoy together. Hope you and your family will try a visit.

News HeadTokyo International Anime Fair - Kichijoji Anime Festival: end of March
As a local venue of Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF), at the Kichijoji venue, there are various events such as Toy Market, Stage events at Musashino City Hall, lectures and talks at Musashino chamber of commerce building.

News HeadKichijoji Music Festival: beginning of May
Starting as "Kichijoji Jazz Festival", this is the music festival which includes a professional jazz contest. Many venues turn in to stages, Kichijoji is filled with all kinds of music: jazz, bossa nova, country, folk, rock, electro and hip hop.

News Head Annual Musashino Hachiman Grand Festival: September
The Autumn festival of Hachiman Shrine. Hachiman is the god of Kichijoji's shopping districts. O-mikoshi (= portable shrines) run by each district and popular Musashino Hayashi (= festival music) marching on the streets, Kichijoji is decorated in the nostalgic atmosphere of Musashino.

News HeadKichijoji Anime Wonderland: middle of October
In conjunction of resident Manga artists, Anime studios and Kichijoji, there are various events such as talk shows, popular toy market, forest theater, etc. held during the festival. International approach such as "Anime Tour" which Anime fans from all over the world visit the Anime production studios, Ghibli Museum, and locations which served as models of location in Manga, and "New York -Tokyo Anime Festival" which is an US-JAPAN interactive event are also remarkable.

News HeadKichijoji Illumination Promenade: December - New YearŐs Day
From Christmas season to New YearŐs Day, the roads lined with trees are decorated with various illuminations such as pumpkin shaped and tree shaped.

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