programme 2023

Feature screening "Future Boy Conan"


On the first day of the 18th Kichijoji Animation Film Festival,
as a joint project with the special exhibition of the Ghibli Museum a special screening and talk show of ,
Hayao Miyazaki's first directorial debut,
the animated television series "Future Boy Conan " will be held.

In the conference room on the 2nd floor,
a workshop will be held where you can experience making an animation using the turntable "zoetrope",
which is the origin of animation.
Anyone can participate for free.

Program A:
Screening "Future Boy Conan"

Musashino Kokaido Purple Hall
Program A: Screening TV series selection
 13:00〜 Episode01~03
 16:00〜 featured Episode

1978 / Dir: Hayao Miyazaki
Japanese version /No Subtitles

Program B
"Future Boy Conan" Talk Show

Musashino Kokaido Purple Hall
Program B "Future Boy Conan" Talk Showー
17:30 OPEN 18:00 Start
Shinsuke Nonaka (Studio Ghibli)
Ryusuke Hikawa (Professor MEIJI Univ. Graduate School of Global Japanese Studies)

Booking requierd:(TIGET)

"Let's make zoetrope by tablet" by FLICKER

2F,Chamber of Musashino Kokaido
Animation making workshop by Flicker
"Let's make zoetrope by tablet"

Free to join

Special talk show & Screening
"Drifting Home"

©Colorido Twinengine Partners

Director Hiroyasu Ishida,the winner of the Excellence Award,
the STUDIO 4℃ Award and the Ghibli Museum Award at the 7th Kichijoji Animation Film Festival("Rain Town"/ 2011),
A special screening of his latest work "Ame o Tsugeru Hyouryuu Danch",and a special talk show with Director Ishida will be held.
The facilitator will be Mr. Nobuyuki Tsugata, an animation historian and a jury member of this film festival.
Ticket Now on sale

Musashino Kokaido Purple Hall,
18:00 OPEN 18:30 START

"Drifting Home"(120min/2022/Dir:Hiroyasu Ishida)
*Japanese /No Subtitles
Hiroyasu Ishida(Director)
Nobuyuki Tsugata(Animation historian)
Ticket Now on sale(TIGET)

Stop motion Animation Feature Screening

Program A

13:30〜 14:00〜

©Tomoki Misato JGH, Shin-ei Animation / MOLCARS

Winner of the Grand Prix at the 12th, 13th and 14th and the Kichijoji Animation Film Festival. A selection screening of "PUI PUI MOLCAR" directed by Tomoki Misato who is now very active. Director Tomoki Misato has won Grand Prix awards at the 12th, 13th, and 14th Kichijoji Animation Film Festival and is now a very active director. Of his various works, we will screen the selection from the 1st TV series "PUI PUI MOLCAR".

Program B
Screening award-winning stop-motion films

"Blink in the Desert" Dir.Shinobu Soejima (2021)

Recent award-winning stop-motion films will be screened.

Program C
Makoto Nakamura ×Stop motion Animation Artists Talk session and their recommended films Screening


Director Makoto Nakamura,and the award-winning filmmakers of the past will talk about their most influential stop-motion works, including the screening of their works and the appeal of stop-motion animation.

"Let's make a 3D animation with time-lapse photography"
by Flicker s

"Let's make a 3D animation with time-lapse photography",
which was popular last year. workshop will also be held.
Free to join

Purple Hall,Musashino Kokaido

Program A
"PUI PUI MOLCAR" screening
13:30〜 14:00〜
(2021/Dir:Tomoki Misato)
Entrance FREE

Program B:
"Kichijoji Animation Film Festival
past stop motion animation award wining works"

screening 16:00〜

"Look at me only" (2016 / Dir:Tomoki Misato )
"Live or Let Live" (2016 / Dir: )
"My secret school days" (2017 / Dir:Yoko Asano )
"Blink in the Dessert" (2021 / Dir:Shinobu Soejima )
"COMET" (2020 / Dir:Takumi Nakamura )
"NEGI wa karada ni ii" (2019 / Dir:Atsuyoshi Ito )
"I SEE YOU" (2019 / Dir: Ryo Sato)
"My little goat" (2018 / Dir:Tomoki Misato )
"The Fall of the House of Ashiya" (2018 / Dir: Jiro Yoshida)

Entrance FREE

Program C:
Makoto Nakamura × Stop motion Animation Artists
Talk session and their recommended films Screening

17:45 start~

"Lucia" (2007 / Dir: Niles Atallah, Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña)
"Luis" (2008 / Dir: Niles Atallah, Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña)
"Pukkulapottas and hours in the forest"(2021)
"Naani and Natta" (2012 / Dir: Yuka Aoki)
"Deposit of sentiment" (2012 / Dir:Saori Suzuki)

Talk show
Makoto Nakamura(Director)
Shinobu Soejima ("Blink in the Dessert")
Jiro Yoshida ("The Fall of the House of Ashiya")
Atsuyoshi Ito ("NEGI wa karada ni ii")
Tomoki Misato ("My little goat" "PUI PUI Molcar")

Entrance FREE

Feb.23(TIR) 13:00-16:00
2F,Chamber of Musashino Kokaido
Animation making workshop  by Flicker
"Let's make a 3D animation with time-lapse photography"


18th. Kichijioji Animation Film Festival

Screening Nominated works

Award ceremony

The 12 films nominated for the final selection from the 2022 open call will be screened and the awards ceremony will be held.
The Grand Prix and other prizes will be awarded by the jury on the same day.
We invited Yoshikazu Yasuhiko as guest commentator.

Purple Hall,Musashino Kokaido
15:00 Screening Nominated works
16:50 Award ceremony
17:30 session
Guest:Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (Manga artist)

Entrance Free

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