1.Eligibility, etc.

(1) Eligibility

1. Regardless of nationality, age, gender, individual/group (including companies), professional/amateur.
2. A work that uses animation techniques as the core of its expression by creating frame-by-frame units. (including computer-generated works).However, even works that use animation in part, not the entire work, will be considered for judging.
3. The work must be approximately 15 seconds or more and 15 minutes or less.
4. Films that have received awards or been submitted to other film festivals, etc., will be considered only if they do not violate the application rules.
5. The work must not violate the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Healthy Development of Youth.
6. Works that fall under any of the following will not be judged.
- A work that has already been released for commercial purposes on existing media such as television or theaters
- A work that has already been sold as an original video, Internet content, etc. for commercial purposes -
-The above two items are scheduled at the time of judging the work
-Works for which the applicant does not own the copyright

(2)About copyright

1.The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant. However, (3) Clause 3, Clause 4 is the condition.
2.The copyright of the materials used (including existing characters, stories, and sounds whose copyrights are owned by third parties) is limited to those owned by the applicant or those that have been processed by the applicant.
3. In the case of group or company applications, only those whose copyrights clearly belong to the representative.

(3) Conditions for application

1. Submitted works may be reproduced or edited for advertising purposes.
2. If the winning work is later found to be in violation of the application conditions, the award may be canceled.
3.Purposes of activities such as promoting the Kichijoji International Animation Film Festival by showing award-winning works at events sponsored by the Kichijoji International Animation Film Festival Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Executive Committee"), publicizing the award-winning works on the official website, etc. If the information is used for video distribution, other pamphlets, introduction of the work in media, etc.), the executive committee may use it freely and free of charge without prior or subsequent notice to the applicant.
4. The preceding paragraph stipulates that even if the publicity rights (broadcasting rights, publishing rights, etc.) and secondary copyrights (adaptation rights) of the work are transferred to a third party, the inheritance will be inherited, and the winner will be able to use the prize-winning work. If the prize is to be transferred or lent to a third party, the winner shall be responsible for concluding a contract to this effect with the third party.
5.The Executive Committee will not be held responsible in the event that a third party claims infringement of rights or compensation for damages.

2. How to apply

(1) About application for exhibition

1.Please submit one set of exhibition application forms for each work.
2. There is no listing fee.
3. Applications must be submitted via the Internet.
4. Application period: Must arrive between September 29, 2023 and November 30, 2023
*Entries that arrive after the period will not be subject to review.

(2)About how to list

1. Upload a work in the format below to YouTube as "Unlisted", and fill in the required information and the URL of the uploaded work using the "entry form" before submitting.

2. We are not responsible for any damage to files during or after uploading. Damaged files may not be eligible for submission.

3. Both video and audio must have their rights cleared by the applicant. Please note that submissions that cannot be viewed by the judges may not be considered.

4. You need to register a YouTube account to upload. If for some reason you are unable to use your YouTube account, we will accept submissions via vimeo or other sites as long as the media can be viewed by the judges using their browsers.
However, please note that if the judge is unable to view the video due to private mode or password expiration, the video may not be eligible for review.

(3)Format of work

1. There are no restrictions on video size, but the maximum size is 1920 x 1080.
2. Please insert a black screen for about 5 seconds at t
3. Please set the volume within 12db to 18db.
4. If your film passes the first screening, you will be asked to submit data for the final screening. In that case, please keep the total size within 1G (lightweight data/formats such as h.264 and MP4 are recommended).
5. There is no need for color bars or signal sounds before playing the main story.

(4)Notes on filling out the listing application form

1.Please fill in the outline and synopsis of the work in the "summary" areas. Entries without an attached summary will not be considered.

2.For works that have received awards or been submitted to other film festivals, please enter all of the history in the designated field.
3.If multiple people are applying, please be sure to write down the number of people.
4.In case of Chinese character,Please be sure to use furigana for the title of the work and the artist.

(5)About returning works

No data will be returned for exhibited works. It is the applicant's responsibility to make backups, etc. in advance.

3.About screening

(1) Judges, schedule, etc.

1. Judging will be conducted by the following judges and organizations selected by the executive committee.
Judges/Organizations (tentative):

Kentaro Takekuma (chief judge)
Nobuyuki Tsugata
Jun Aoki
Makoto Nakamura
Keiko Shiraishi
Koji Morimoto
production I.G
Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

2. A preliminary screening will be held in December and approximately 10 successful works will be selected. Those who pass the first screening will be notified by the executive committee.
3.The main examination and award ceremony will be held at Musashino Public Hall on Sunday, February 25, 2024.
4. For works created with a series in mind, such as a series, each piece will be judged individually.
5.We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the screening process or results (reasons for selection, etc.).

(2)Types of awards and supplementary awards

The following awards will be determined through this review.
Certificates, trophies, and supplementary awards

■Award of Excellence 1 本 Certificate and supplementary prize

■GAG-Anime Award 1
Certificate and supplementary prize

■Stop Motion Animation Award 1
Certificate and supplementary prize

■Special Jury Award 1 or 2
Certificate and supplementary prize

■corporate award
Certificate and supplementary prize (from the sponsors)

(3)About the screening in the final round

1.The final selection (screening) and award ceremony will be held at Musashino Public Hall on Sunday, February 25, 2024.
2.The works nominated for the final screening will be screened after receiving screening data from the applicants. The screening environment will be determined by the committee. If the screening environment does not meet your wishes, you will not be able to nominate your film.

4.Matters outside the guidelines

Matters not listed in these guidelines will be decided and implemented by the Executive Committee after separate discussions as necessary.

These recruitment guidelines may be updated. Changes will be announced on our official website.